Plaid Skirts

The old phrase ‘Mad about Plaid’ seems to sum up the fashion forecast for this upcoming season. It seems plaid skirts are here to stay. In fact, it is quite interesting to observe how plaid hovers lightly over emerging trends season after season without losing its identity. What is it about this perennial style that gives it such resilience? Most women chalk it up to its versatility. Plaid skirts can be dressed either up or down, making them a valuable wardrobe staple.

Plaid is a classic pattern with a wide scope for incessant variations. While hip clubbers choose to accessorize dark-hued plaid skirts with studded belts or lace-up stilettos, the preppy chick prefers to team flirty, pleated plaid skirts-often in vibrant combinations with sneakers or basic pumps, a pair of matching tights and perhaps a brightly colored Polo shirt. These patterned pieces call out for the season’s winning hues-teal, purple, pink, electric blue, orange and moss green-most often mixed with olive or brown, although the classic red and black plaid is still a tried and true favorite with both the older and the sporty set.

The chic fashionista, on the other hand, usually goes in for a knee-length slim or A-line plaid skirt in traditional Burberry checks such as camel, black and cranberry, and generally combines it with a slim camel-hued coat. Since it was registered as a trademark back in 1920, the Burberry check has come to symbolize everything that is great about British and American fashion, and has achieved a rare position in the fashion industry. In a paradox of sorts, the aristocracy view Burberry plaid as an emblem of elegant, establishment dressing, yet it is equally coveted by young, hip girls as a symbol of having ‘arrived’.