Looking To Buy A Black Trench Coat For Men? Different Styles To Choose From

Trench coats’ existence is claimed by 2 people; Thomas Burberry and Aquascutum. Aquascutum’s claim dates as far as 1850 while Burberry claim is in 1901. These coats were optional dress items for officers and Warrant Officers Class 1 but no other in the British army. These coats were modified to the point that they were able to hold hand grenades and rank insignia. The addition of the D-ring to these coats is what got them the name, trench coats.

Later on, these coats were adapted by Soviet Union, United States of America, Holland, France, Poland, and Germany.

During the 2nd world war, a typical rain coat was a long double breasted, 10-buttoned coat with black, beige, tan or khaki fabric. This coat was mainly used as a rain coat or wind breaker rather than for protection during winter season.

Trench coats are still very common and here are some of the black trench coats for men;

Men’s Long Leather

The outer side of this coat has a really large lapel so when the need arises you can lift it high up around your neck. There also exist 2 really big side pockets where you can easily slide your gloved hands, 5 reinforced buttons fastening the leather coat’s front, a buttoned rear vent. The coat’s height is approximately 22 inches making it easy for you to walk even when the coat is completely fastened.

Woodland Leather Full Length Matrix Style

This coat on the outside is endowed with 5 buttons for fastening, 2 front pockets, reinforced buttons, and 2 inner pockets with one of them possessing a zip, a complete polyester lining. The coat is single breasted and has plain cuffs. This coat is made out of leather of black nappa type only and can be found in various

Men’s Cross Strap Leather Gothic

This is a great jacket, black in color and is a full length cross strap leather coat. It has various gothic features and is made out of high quality leather so you are sure that it will not wear out so fast. It also has 5 press studded straps that work well for fastening, comfort across your chest as well as beautifying the coat. Its features surely bring out that gothic look.

Classical Black Rain Jacket

It is often a double breasted gabardine raglan trench coat having warmer epaulettes, a chip strap eye and hook at the collar, a single gun-flap belt, a back-rain shield, an inverted back pleat, 1 inner breast pocket, 2 front pockets, a button-out cashmere check warmer as well as belted cuffs.

Black Heavy Trench Raincoat with Belt and Collar

It is a very smooth raincoat found in matt black color with a great glossy inside. It has a silky touch and a great smell to it. This trench coat comes with a belt that you can easily tie around your waist. It is not only for men but also women.

Men’s Super-dry Jacket

This coat comes in various sizes that you just have to visit the store to pick that which best suits you. This black trench coat for men comes with double-hood buttons, back and front embroidered shoulder logos, a sleeve logo tab, a double zip for fastening, multi-pockets, a rear vent.